The Art of Penny Slinger The Art of Penny Slinger
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The Art of Penny Slinger
  Current Exhibitions : Solo Exhibit PENNY SLINGER April 17—May 24, 2014, Blum & Poe, Los Angeles.


My Life As Art

Welcome to My Bio-Sphere TM.

This is my process of self reflection, self integration, offered as a template to all as a means to create the mandala of your life.

Around the circumference of the circle of self, I have the timeline of my life with images that represent each period placed in sequence. Rolling over each image gives a title and date. Clicking any image takes you to see more... The site will be constantly under construction as I add more levels giving context and content to each moment of my unfolding reality.

I call my journey "My Life as Art" for that has been the nature of my destiny and my personal choices. I have wanted to integrate every aspect of my self as one transforming work of art with many aspects, many colors, many forms. I have never felt that art should be limited to the confines of a canvas. One's whole life is the canvas, and we are but brushes in the hands of the divine, mixing our personal colors into the grand design. Here is my palette. This is my life. Please enjoy it as it holds a mirror to your own journey.





1946-PreConception 1946- PreConception 1947-Penny Baby 1950-54- Penny & Friend 1953- Conform in Uniform 1964-66-Fertility Goddess 1965-Self Portrait 1965_Self Portrait 1963-Sweet 16 1964-66-Dream Tower 1966- 69 Parallel View 1969-Mummy 2003-  64 Dakinis 2000- Kuan Yin 1977- Book of Matan 1971- 4 Little Girls 1974- Mirroring 1977-Secret Dakini 1977- An Exorcism 1977- Dakini House 1977- Dakinii House 1975-93- Penny & Nik 1978- Mountain Ecstasy 1979- Sexual Secrets 1979- Lotus Love 1979- Mystic Dance 1981- Pillow Book 1982- Visions of Ecstasy 1982- Album Art 1991- Cohoba Rite 1992- New World Gallery 1993- Path of the Mystic Lover 1994- Visions of the Arawaks 1993- Stamps 1994- Tantra & Kali 1994- Peace Pole 1990- Women & Water 1990-Anguilla Life 1990- Thai House 1984-93 - Arawak Art 2000- Dance of the Cosmos 2001- Dhiren 1977-Ganesh House 1973- Sugar Bride 1973- Fruit of my Womb 1973- Blow Your Mind 1969-72- Penny, Peter, & Bird 1971- Personal Box 1971- Figurines 1973- Wedding Invitation 1971- Owl Mask 1971-HeadBox 1971-ShadowMan 1971_owl_mask 1977- Dakini Oracle 1977- Dakini Oracle 1994- Christopher 1994- Christopher 1995-96- Catalog Design 1995- Light Force Labels 1997- Memorial 1997-Memorial 1998- Goddess Frequency Band 1999- Gathering of GOddesses 1999- Goddess Awakening 2000- Secrets Anniversary 1998- Penny & Azul MC 1998- Solstice Offering 1998- Solstice Offering 1994- Goddess Temple 1994- Goddess Temple 1996- Penny & Christopher 1984-Mermaid 1984- Bankie Banx 1984- Bankie Banx 1987-Scrapbook of Revolution 1984- Arawak Archaeology 1984-  93- Arawak Archaeology 1990-Anguilla Life 1984- Song of Sea 1981- Palette logo 1971- 50%  Visible Woman 1971- 50%  Visible Woman 1969-72- Penny, Peter, & Bird 1969- Bride in Bath 1969- Mummy 2001- Elementals 2001- Elemental Solstice 1977- Scrolls 1979- Mystic Dance 1987-Scrapbook of Revolution 1990- Women & Water Tantric Dakini Oracle Rainbow Body Awakening & Polynations The Dark Monarch Goddess Juice Angels of Anarchy A Photo-Romance - RifleMaker Exhibition 64 Dakini Oracle An Exorcism Revisited Hear What I Say Under Lock and Key
The Art of Penny Slinger
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The Art of Penny Slinger
The Art of Penny Slinger
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